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Zero Davey Cafe Restaurant in Hobart is situated right next to the wharf.
If you are looking for a Cafe in Hobart with an ambient atmosphere providing free Wi-Fi, and professional friendly service, come and see us at Zero Davey.
Best Cafe in Hobart using Tasmanian produce and displaying merchandise from local businesses.

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Hobart’s cafe and restaurant – zerodaveycafe best Cafe Restaurant is open for breakfast, lunch and dinner seven days a week and serves the best of Hobart Tasmanian. Cafe Restaurant in Hobart specialise in intelligent, well-crafted Italian cuisine, focusing on quality Tasmanian ingredients. Such a wide variety of quality restaurants to choose from, which Hobart cafe restaurants are the best of the best.

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Zero Davey Café & Catering

Crn of Evans & Davey Street, TAS, 7000

tel : (03) 6270 1430

fax : (03) 6270 1400

We look forward to you dining with us.